• In October How to buy gold products

        Gold investment focus on value to the collection do what ordinary household needs.

         The end of the season, major holidays will be coming available in a variety of gold items are in one after another. Under the influence of the financial crisis, more and more investors began to favor more powerful hedge against inflation gold, coincidentally choose to purchase gold bullion "for the winter." It is understood that in recent years, the price of gold every year in different growth rate, by 2009, up eight consecutive years, the last five-year period the price of gold every year close to 20% of the rate of increase. In accordance with past practice, the gold in the fourth quarter of each year, there is a wave of year-end market, bullish trend. However, this year's financial crisis has created volatility in gold prices, gold investment to cast a shadow. In the current special economic environment, gold is still as a variety of hedging instruments and long-term investment? How should individuals invest in gold?

         Current hot Golden Quotes

         In China, gold is a traditional investment in the most popular items this year, the demand for investment opportunities, investment in physical gold have shown unprecedented enthusiasm. Early in December, from gold coins Gold coins issued in a listed company on the experience of investors to buy gold coin looting, setting off a wave of gold Quotes. It is understood that not only the United States, in Beijing and other places, gold investment of the stock market is also extremely strong. A large number of investors rush to buy bullion in the fourth quarter, many people to buy gold bullion more than one large in Beijing, even the group Group buy gold, "speculate in gold and mission." Market analysis, subject to the impact of the central bank has cut interest rates sharply in order to preserve and increase the known gold will attract more investor attention to the end of the gold market will become increasingly hot.

         Although the gold market is currently hot, but the industry still needed to remind the public rational investment. For the public, would be wise to choose according to their actual investment products, what one can. Financial experts suggest that people who choose to seek only physical gold hedging long-term investment, the investment should not exceed 10% of household assets, can withstand a certain degree of financial risk.

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